Hearing, language and speech

Adelante audiology & communication provides research, advice and treatment services to children with hearing, language or speech problems and to adults with hearing problems. The support we offer focuses on the chances and opportunities for the individual so that they are able to play an active and independent as possible part in life, despite their limitation: at home, at school, at work and in their spare time.


Hearing problems

Adelante is the audiological centre in Limburg for research into and the treatment of hearing problems amongst children from the moment they are born and among adults. Thanks to nationwide screening soon after birth, congenital hearing problems can be detected at an early age in the Netherlands. Deaf children can now receive a cochlear implant before their first birthday, which will help expedite their hearing and communication development and improve the support we give.

Adelante also treats specific hearing problems among adults, such as  tinnitus and problems associated with understanding others in noisy surroundings. The treatment programme brings together several disciplines, including audiology, speech therapy and social work. This provides an overall view of hearing problems.

The Communication Information Centre (CIC) at Adelante offers support, advice and additional information on a range of assistive devices which may offer a solution to most deaf and hearing-impaired persons. We also organise courses and information sessions about living with hearing problems for patients and their nearest and dearest.

Language, speech and communication problems

Adelante’s language team helps children of between the ages of 18 months and 16 years who have communication problems. Some children have difficulty developing their speech and language, sometimes they are unable to do this at all. Through an interdisciplinary approach, the language team examines and treats these children in small diagnosis groups. At Adelante, every child gets the chance to develop and get the best out of themselves.

The language team has developed an effective examination and treatment protocol for a wide range of language and communication problems. Examinations and treatment are geared up to the specific age and educational and reading level of the individual child and focus on: - problems with reading, spelling and processing of the language; - auditive problems; - dyslexia investigation. 

Serious singular dyslexia Adelante is a centre of expertise for the treatment of children with serious singular dyslexia. With the right support and assistive devices, these children are able to follow mainstream education.