Independent living, residential care and day-care

Adelante provides support to children and young persons with a disability at all phases from childhood to adulthood. What am I capable of and how can I push back my boundaries so that I can get the best out of myself? These are the key questions which are asked by Adelante - together with the child and parents - at each step along the way. The support we give focuses attention on all facets in the life of a growing child: education and rehabilitation care, for example, but also day-care and leisure activities, as well as independent living. We help youngsters take control of their life and parents let go of their children. 



To help youngsters take the last important step towards independence, Adelante has developed a home-training programme. This is an ideal springboard for young persons with a disability or chronic illness who - for the time being at least - find the step from parental home to independent living too big. From the age of 14, youngsters who feel the need for greater independence and space for themselves, can have a weekend or a midweek break at Adelante. From the age of 16, they can actively participate in home-training. Youngsters can live independently in their own apartment in an Adelante house, for example, in Heerlen or Geleen. During the day, they go to school, their place of work or another form of daytime activity. In the home-training environment, under expert supervision, they learn the skills that they will need to live independently.

Residential care

Children and young people of all ages who have health issues can spend the night, a weekend or even a week in Adelante’s residential home in Valkenburg a/d Geul. They will be together with other children of their own age! The residential accommodation has a full range of facilities and nursing care, set against the beautiful backdrop of the Limburg countryside.

Day-care and leisure activities

Adelante offers various day-care possibilities for children with a health impediment. These range from after-school care and lunchtime supervision to day-care during the (school) holidays. On Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays, children can take part in all kinds of fun activities during this day-care. Using an educational concept, these activities will help them develop their talents, social skills, self-confidence, sense of independence and welfare. In this way, children at Adelante get the chance to develop and grow away from the school setting. Depending on their interests, children can choose from a range of activities, including sport and music tuition. Often outings and discos will also be organised. Via the sports desk, Adelante can help youngsters join a normal sports club so that they can pursue their sports and recreational interests.